b'M-300-C Mechanized Welding MachineAdditional FeaturesThirty-two programmable welding passes Enforced limits on programmable welding parameters (motor speeds, oscillation width, etc.)No trim pots or jumper settings on any hardware componentFeedback from optical encoders on digital motors removes the need for motor calibrationRemovable elastomeric keyboard is easy to replace after prolonged useOn board display shows critical weld parameters (Travel Speed, Wire Feed Speed, Oscillation Width andFrequency, Dwell Times, and Pass Name) as well as user-friendly diagnostic information System can be configured to perform a single pass on multi-station jobs or perform all passes on a single station Independent modular power driver stages for all motors assist in easy troubleshooting Programmable potentiometer can be set to control wire feed speed or travel speedConformance TestingThe CRC Evans External Welder (M-300-C) was tested to EN 55011,Group 1 Class A and was found to be in compliance with the CE European Certification required criteria.CRC-Evans Automatic Welding55'