b'M-500 Single-Torch External Welding SystemPerformance SpecificationsVertical Travel 2.0 in.50mmHorizontal Travel (oscillator) 3.0 in.75mmTravel Speed 0-200 ipm0-5m/min.Wire Feed Speed 0-600 ipm0-15m/min.Oscillator Beats Per Minute 240 bpm @ 0.500 in. width 240 bpm @ 13mm widthTorch Lead/Lag Angle+60/-45Torch Side Wall Angle (manual)45Size Envelope (can vary slightly12 in. H x 22 in. L x 14.5 in. W305mm H x 559mm L x 368mm Wbased on cable routing) Weight (without wire spool) 33 lb. 15kgSpool Weight 10 lb., 15 lb.4.5kg, 6.8kgWire Diameter 0.035-0.078 in.0.9-2.0mm Most appropriately rated CV power supplies* Supported Welding (e.g., Lincoln DC-400; Lincoln Invertec V350 Pro; Power SuppliesLincoln Power Wave S-500; Miller XMT 350; Miller Big Blue 400 Pro. Contact CRC-Evans for support of additional power sources.)Required Main Power24 VDC regulated; auto-switching AC (115V to 230V) to DC;24V power supply provided by CRC-EvansGenerator Requirement30 KVA per shack -40C to +55C Temperature Range (Contact CRC-Evans for extreme weatherapplication setup requirements.) Minimum Cutback Distance9.5 in.241mm(bevel to coating)Minimum Cutback Distance18 in.** 457mm(bevel to concrete)* May require special design interface from CRC-Evansengineering if not suitably configured.**Accounts for 4 in. of concrete coating and enoughclearance to latch the handle.58'