b'M-500 Single-Torch External Welding SystemThe Industrys First Mechanized Ambidextrous Design: Single Bug forWelder with Auto Head Angle Control Both Sides Head travel angle (leading or lagging) can beA single parameter designating the bug as eitherdigitally set through welding parameter input clockwise or counterclockwise automaticallyscreensreverses travel direction, tilt readings, and head Moves torch into position for quick, easy tip angle as necessarychanges and maintenance Bug type can be easily changed via pendant Based on tilt, head travel angle can beautomatically changed during weldRugged, Lightweight, CompactDesign Easily accommodates fabrication applications 33 lbs. (without wire spool) 12 in. H x 22 in. L x 14.5 in. WAutomatic Tilt-Based Welding withZonal Parameter Control Tilt angle is sensed continuously; weldingparameters (travel speed, wire speed, oscillationcharacteristics, tracking parameters) are adjustedbased on bugs position on pipe59'