b'M-500 Single-Torch External Welding SystemBuilt-In Data Logging Automatic Tilt Calibration User can specify a logging interval (tick) at whichFully automated tilt sensor calibration processsnapshots of critical welding data are read and requires no user interaction other than to initiatelogged. This interval is specified in units of travel processdistance. Each time the weld progresses by theTilt sensor measures angle of bug and weldingspecified distance, the following readings are headlogged and stored within the bug: Tilt angleCalibration result is non-volatile; once done, the Torch oscillation beats/minute and torch process does not need to be repeatedoscillation width Tracking parameters (volts, amps, orimpedance) Arc volts, arc amps, and arc impedance (all Safety Enhancementsaveraged over tick interval) Heat in joules per unit distance (averagedover tick interval)New fall arrest system reduces the possibility of Travel speed and travel accumulated bug falling from band in the event of improperdistance installationWeld ID, pass information, and zoneinformation Wire feed speed and wire feed accumulateddistance Heat input is calculated and accumulated at asample rate of 25,000 samples per second. Thismethod greatly reduces any error caused byshort-term variations in individual voltage andcurrent readings. Weld log data can be stored in the bug anddownloaded at user convenienceDriver & Latching System Allows welding bug to be seamlessly installedonto the band in a single intuitive action High-speed travel motor allows bug to be joggedat 200 ipm, enabling bug to travel back to theuser-defined home position after finishing apass, eliminating operator errors in re-latching thebug. Operator no longer has to stop welding andmanually move bug back to starting position.60'