b'M-500 Single-Torch External Welding SystemMake sure youve got what you needto get the job done right. The M-500single-torch welding system isavailable in three models that make iteasy to choose the machine thatsideal for the work at hand.M-500i Available as a rental or purchase, the back ofthe truck M-500i is designed for shorterdistances but is more than capable of handlingheavier wall types. The M-500i is compatiblewith self-shielded wire, can be used on tie-ins,does not require a welding shack, and does notneed a PFM for bevels. M-500FAvailable as a rental or purchase, the M-500Fcan be used on a typical tie-in platform with ahalf-shack station and can be used with orwithout a PFM for bevels. The entire kit fits on the back of a tracked carrier.M-500PAvailable only as a rental, the M-500P offers themost capabilities in the M-500 product line andis designed primarily for mainline production.The M-500P can be used with self-shielded wire.61'