b'M-500 Single-Torch External Welding SystemM-500 MODEL COMPARISONM-500i M-500F M-500PFEATURESVertical Tracking Through the ArcHorizontal Tracking Through the Arc Automatic Head Angle AdjustmentAutomatic Tilt Calibration with Auto Tilt AdaptationAmbidextrous Design - Single Bug for Both SidesZonal Weld Parameters (Position-Based WeldingAllows Real-Time Weld Parameter Changes via a 3-Axis Accelerometer)Gas Control Analog InterfaceData LoggingData Logs via ExcelXML Welding ParametersPendantMechanized Fillet (-30/+45)WIRE TYPES / WELDING PROCESSESFlux Cored (FCAW-G) Self-Shielded Flux Cored (FCAW-S) Metal Cored (MCAW) Solid Wire (GMAW)Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)Lincoln Modified Waveform (STT)Take welding performance and ! Disclaimerpipeline quality to the next level Although great care has been taken in compiling the informationcontainedinthiscatalogue,CRC-Evansdoesnotacceptwith the new M-500. responsibility for the consequences of any errors, nor for the effectsof any subsequent changes made by the various sources of data.Visit CRC-Evans.com today to Dimensions and weights provided for reference only. Dimensions,specificationsandweightscanvarydependinguponfinallearn more. configurationoftheequipment.PleasecontactCRC-Evanstoconfirm final weights and dimensions prior to shipment.62'