b'P-625 Computerized Welding MachineRepeatable PerfectionThe P-625 is certainly a technological wonder rightnow. But it is also designed to stay that way intoIts not enough to produce a high-quality weld. You thefuture.Itisbuiltonscalablearchitecture,need to be able to do it consistently, time after time meaning that as we develop new advancementsafter time. It takes a collection of integrated high- themachine will be able to accommodate them.tech features to deliver this kind of repetitionall of Yoursmartinvestmenttodaywillseemevenwhich are aboard the P-625. smarter tomorrow.Forstarters,theunitusespulseMIGweldingtechnology.Italsoemploysfullthrough-the-arctracking, which keeps the torch and bead in perfect Total Project Supportpositionthroughcomputerizedmonitoringand The P-625 delivers outstanding performance on itscontrol, thus maximizing weld speed and quality in own. But its the people, expertise and worldwideboth vertical and horizontal applications. The termcomputerized is in fact the most accurate way to resourcesweputbehindthemachinethattakedescribe all P-625 features.yourresultstothenextlevelWecallthisTotalProject SupportTPS.Every aspect of the machine is fully digital, frompre-weldprogrammingtoreal-timeoperationto Working from your project parameters during thepost-project assessment. These are not individual planningphase,wecanhelpyoudevelopadigital features, but rather a completely integrated technology strategy for meeting your quality andsystem.APDAinterfaceallowsyoutoprogram productivitygoals.Allofourequipmentisweld parameters in the office and then wirelessly engineeredcompletelyin-house,allowingustodownload them directly to the P-625 in the field. In make adjustments if needed to solve your specificturn,youcanuploadrealperformancedataon challenges.CRC-Evansunrivaledserviceandevery weld and carry it back to the office for quality supportdoesntstopthere.Throughtraining,control analysis and reporting. In the end you know technical assistance and field supervision, we helpthat every weld is on spec, and you have the proof. ensuretopperformanceasyourprojectgetsunderway. And we help keep you on track with afull line of backup equipment, international serviceSmart Machine, Smart Investment teams to provide maintenance and repairs, and acomplete inventory of spare parts.Full digital-to-digital operation means human erroris taken out of the productivity equation. The P-625simplyfollowsencodedweldparameters,giving Excellence, in a New Diameteryou complete control over the welding process andcompleteassuranceofjobquality.Whenyoure Consistent all diameter weld quality is now easy readytochangeweldparameters,theP-625is to come by. Simply specify the new CRC-Evans ready, too. You can make changes to the control P-625 on your next onshore, offshore or spoolbasesoftware in the field, on the flyand quickly put the project. machine back to work. Contact us today!68'