b'P-625 Computerized Welding MachineTechnical SpecificationsP-625COnboard Interface A BA Length (includes 19 483mm Wire Spool Weight 30lbs 13.6kgtorch whip holder)B Width 13.5 343mm Vertical Axis Stroke 2 50.8mmC Height 17 432mm Head Angle Adjustment 0-10O - Weight33lbs 15kg Horizontal Stroke 2 50.8mmOscillation Rate1 0-220 osc/min - Oscillation Width2 0-2 0-50.4mmDwell Time2 0-2.0 seconds - Wire Feed Speed3 100-600 IPM 254-1,440 cm/minTravel Speed 5-60 IPM 0.13-1.52 meter/minOptional Travel Speed 5-120 IPM 0.13-3.04 meter/minTilt Sensor4 Accurate to 1Wire Feed Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoderTravel Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoderOscillation Motor Uses a digital stepper motorVertical Motor Uses a digital stepper motorMinimum Cutback Distance (bevel to coating) 9.5 241mmMinimum Cutback Distance (bevel to concrete)13 330mm 1 For 0.3 (12.7mm) width.2 Based on beats per minute3 For 445.1:1 gear box4 One-time calibration required P-625 Console Electrical Specifications Required main power: 36 VDC regulated. Auto-switchingAC (120V to 240V) to DC 36V power supply provided byCRC-Evans with P-625 system Auxiliary power 24VDC for land lines. (For tractors withsingle battery an optional 12V to 24V converter isavailable from CRC)Generator requirement: 440 Volt 50/60 Hz with output100 kVA nominal (4 pulse welding power sources)Temperature Range: -40OC to +60OC Contact CRC-Evansfor extreme weather application setup applicationsWelding Power Supplies SupportedFronius TPS Series 3200, TPS Series 5000, Lincoln S350 (Contact CRC for support of other power source)69'