b'P-625 Computerized Welding MachineAdditional FeaturesTip-to-Work Tracking maintains the torch at a Amps, and Pass Name) as well as user-friendlyconstant distance to the work diagnostic informationThirty-two programmable welding passes per torch Onboard display menu system allows key weld Enforced limits on programmable welding parameters to be modified from the control panelparameters (motor speeds, oscillation width, etc.)using the user pendantData logging is made easy with a notebookSystem can be programmed to perform a singlecomputer and Excel interface software supplied function or pass on multi-station applications by CRC-Evans (PDA option also available) Bluetooth interface for wireless data transferPosition-Based Welding allows real-time weldIndependent modular power driver stages for parameter changes via the tilt sensorall motors assist in easy troubleshootingFeedback from optical encoders on digital motorsProgrammable potentiometer can be set toremoves the need for motor calibrationcontrol wire feed speed or travel speedRemovable elastomeric keyboard is easy toreplace after prolonged useOnboard touch screen display shows critical weldparameters (Travel Speed, Wire Feed Speed, TiltAngle, Oscillation Width and Frequency, Volts,Conformance Testing CE European CertificationComplies with EN 55011, Group 1 Class Aand all required criteria. Programmable Welding Parameters Pass and Weld Names Crater Fill TimePipe/Band/Wire Diameters Burn Back TimeWelding Process Blow Wire In Puddle Delay and PeriodWire and Travel Motor Speeds Post-Purge TimeWire and Travel Motor Ramp Times Units (English or Metric)Wire and Travel Motor Speed Limits Clockwise or CounterclockwisePotentiometer Function Torch ViewOscillation Width and Width Limits Auto Tilt-Based Welding ModeOscillation Frequency Dry Cycle ModeWelding Power Dynamic Arc Correction Arc Length CorrectionArc Trim Range and Limits Enable/Disable Oscillation Width AdjustmentWork Point Range, Limits, and Ramp Time Oscillation Width Adjustment IncrementArc Voltage Range and Limits Support for Multiple Shielding GasHot Start Work Point, Voltage, and Time Reverse Travel Speed and End AngleVertical Tracking Speed Enable/Disable Data LoggingVertical Target (Amps and Volts) Data Logging DistanceVertical Target Limits (Amps and Volts) 2G Welding ModeVertical Target Increment (Amps and Volts) Horizontal Tracking GainVertical Tracking Thresholds (Amps and Volts) Horizontal Tracking Bias Note: More programmable welding parameters can be made available based on customer need.! DisclaimerAlthough great care has been taken in compiling the information contained in this catalogue, CRC-Evans does not accept responsibilityfor the consequences of any errors, nor for the effects of any subsequent changes made by the various sources of data.Dimensionsandweightsprovidedforreferenceonly.Dimensions,specificationsandweightscanvarydependinguponfinalconfiguration of the equipment. Please contact CRC-Evans to confirm final weights and dimensions prior to shipment.70'