b'Pipe Facing Machine & Hydraulic Power UnitPipe Facing MachineReliable Technology The tools can be set to machine a wide variety ofbevel designs and wall thicknesses. Each tool holderTheCRC-EvansPipeFacingMachine(PFM)is may cut a different bevel angle simultaneously.used to machine precision bevels with extremeaccuracy for manual or automatic welding. They ThePFMoperationtakesfrom2to6minutesaretypicallyusedoncross-countrypipelines, depending on pipe wall thickness and the experiencebarges, and in stationary yards. of the operator.ACRC-EvansHydraulicPowerUnit(HPU)orThe PFM has two major parts; the clamping section equivalentisrequiredtopowerthePFM.The and the machining section. The clamp section has two CRC-Evans HPU is able to power the full range ofsets of hydraulically powered clamping shoes that CRC-EvansPFMs.ThePFMcanalsobedirectlyare designed to work equally and simultaneously. The connected to an excavator. Please ask CRC-Evansmachine is secured to the pipe end by expanding the for the appropriate flow chart.clamp shoes inside the pipe on PFMs ranging from8-60pipe.ThemachiningsectionofthePFM CounterboreandMiterPipeFacingMachinesareconsists of a rotating faceplate with four or six tool also available from CRC-Evans. Contact CRC-Evansholderseachholdingtunstencarbidecuttingtips. for sizes and counterbore depths.API 30-Degree Bevel Narrow-Gap Bevel J Bevel72'