b'Pipe Facing Machine & Hydraulic Power UnitPipe Facing Machine: General Specifications8-14 16-4850-64Approx Cutting Speed260-450300-450 300-450SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)*Feed System Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic CylinderPump Output (main) 36 GPM36 GPM 36 GPMPump Output (feed)1.5 GPM 1.5 GPM1.5 GPMPump Pressures Max. (Main) 2,000 psi2,000 psi 2,000 psiPump Pressures Max. (Feed) 500 psi 500 psi500 psiMotor Sizes* 12.1 in3 40.55 in340.55 in3Main Pressure Hose 1 1 1Feed Pressure Hose Return Pressure Hose 11 1Number of Tool Holders 3 4-6 4-6Face Plate Travel 2 typ 2 typ 2 typWall Thickness Beveled Up to 1.125Up to 1.500Up to 1.500*Contact CRC-Evans for motor options and cooking speeds.Hydraulic Power UnitReliable Technology Optional FeaturesThe CRC-Evans Hydraulic Power Units [HPUs] are CoastGuardApprovedMotorswhichhaveepoxyused to power CRC-Evans Pipe Facing Machines. coated windings, stainless steel enclosures, epoxyThese units consist of a power drive unit, hydraulic paintontheoutsideofmotor,andcondensatereservoir,mainpump,feedpump,mainandfeed heaters.pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, filters and allnecessaryhoses,fittingsandquickdisconnects Desert Applicationsneeded.MotorsareavailablewithhighertemperatureorA Variety of Power Options rating of 50C.The CRC-Evans HPUs can be setup to use a variety Arctic Applicationsof power drives. They are available with John Deerediesel power units as standard which are supported Both Electric and diesel drive Hydraulic Power Unitsall around the world. Other engines are available at can be supplied for Arctic use down to -50C.customersrequest.Electricmotorsdriversareavailable in either 50 or 60 Hz.Features Benefits Full range pump capacityCompatible with all CRC PFMs Proven design/operationReliabilty/dependability Electric drive optionLow operation cost Diesel drive optionPortable field use73'