b'Copper Back-Up ClampProven TechnologyThe CRC-Evans Copper Back-Up Clamp (CBUC) pipediameterswithoutchangestothecopperis designed to meet a variety of pipeline welding backing mechanism, reducing cost and changeoverapplicationsusingautomatedGMAW/PGMAW time. For projects requiring multiple pipe sizes, heavyequipment. In addition to functioning as an internal wallandthinwallvarieties,orextremetolerancepipe line-up clamp, a CBUC supports external root deviations, a segmented copper CBUC will providebead weld deposition with a copper backing surface. the advantage.ACBUCmakesitpossibletodepositmoreconsistent,higherqualityexternalrootbeadswith Solid copper tiles are machined to fit specific pipenormal pipe alignment. diametersandarelessforgivingofdimensionalvariationsthansegmentedcoppers.SolidcopperSuperior Function tiles are robust, long lasting, and offer mechanicalsimplicity. When projects demand a high volume ofCRC-Evanscopperback-upclampsareavailable welds on a single pipe diameter, a solid copper back-with segmented and spring-loaded copper backing upclampwillloweroperatingcostsandprovideshoes, or solid copper tile configurations depending excellent consistency and reliability.upon application.VersatilitySegmented copper tiles allow each backing shoe toindividually conform to the pipes internal diameter. CRC-Evans supplies a wide array of copper back-upThis insures consistent root bead support with many clampsengineeredtomeetmainlineweldingvariationscommonlyencounteredinproductionapplicationsfornumerouspipelinediameters.pipe tolerances, such as wall thickness, roundness, SpecialityCBUCsarealsoavailableforOffshore diameter,andjointfitup.AsingleCRC-Evans J-Lay, Tie-In, and Purge applications. Contact CRC-segmented copper CBUC can be used for a family of Evans to discuss your custom application.CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment79'