b'Superscreen Vulcano 2.0General DataTECHNICAL FEATURESUnits HYDRAULIC SYSTEM UnitsLateral length of conveyor 3,5m Main pumps 2 independent(fully extended)hydrostaticMaximum operation slope40%variable pumpsMaximum operation lateral slope5% travelMaximum capacity 2x300 lpmMaximum operating 330 barENGINEUnits pressure - 1 hydrostaticvariable pumpType CaterpillarelevatorModel C6.6 ACERTMaximum capacity 215 lt/minNet flywheel power225 bhp Maximum operating 350 bar(DIN 6270) pressureGoverned speed2200rpmDisplacement 6.6 l Gear type pumps for general service.EmissionMeets Tier 3, stageIIIA emissionTRANSMISSION Units requirements. Tierrefers to EPA (U.S.)Type Hydrostatic standards.Motors 2 motors with axial Stage IIIA refers topistons self-contained European standardsinto the track frames - flexibility program. Brakers Integrated negativecontrolEngine enclosure design with hinged doors for ease Final drives Epicycloidal oil soakedof service. Maximum 1st - lowspeed 0-2 km/h2nd - high0-5 km/h82'