b'TruBend Angle MeasurementTruBend is a wireless digital angle measurement Features and Benefitsdevice for attachment to any CRC-Evans BendingMachine. Accuracy to 1/10 degreeIt provides a continuous readout of the achieved bendBatteries provide 240 hours of operation timeangleduringbendingoperations.BendingmachineSimple to operate and maintainoperatorscaneasilyandcontinuallymonitortheFits all pipe sizesbending process for all pipe sizes with accuracy to 0.1degree. Time is saved, safety is increased, and quality ofConstant Digital Readout indicates bend anglethe bend is assured.Increases production by eliminating clinometerTruBend eliminates climbing on the pipe. The bending reading time (up to 20% in certain cases)operator monitors each push without leaving his station,Box dimensions are 22 lbs. (10kg) 14 L X 10 W thussavingthetimenormallyrequiredformanual X 8 H (36cm L X 26cm W X 21cm H)measurement and calculation.Also available with a computer recorderThe system consists of two measurement units and amaster receiver unit with a digital readout. The magnetic Note: Thisequipmenthastworadiotransmitters.Serializedradiomounts used in the measurement units allow very fast frequencies allow more than one set to work in the same area withoutinterfering one set with the other. It is advisable to consult your localsetup on all pipe sizes. The display shows angles of both laws and regulations and inform CRC-Evans if any special frequenciesends and the net bend in the pipe. A rugged carrying are required. If no indication is given, the units will be supplied for usewith the frequency of cordless telephones in the country of destination.case is provided with each system. 88 CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment'