b'Pre-Heating EquipmentPipeline Induction Heat (PIH) provides Field Joint PIH provides a range of pipe pre-heat solutions, for aCoating services to the ONSHORE and OFFSHORE range of pipe parameters:pipeline construction industry.Induction coils with diesel generators Induction coils with rotary convertersOnshorepipelineconstructioninvolvesvariouspre-Induction coils with invertersheatingactivities,forexampleaspartoftheweldingWeld pre-heat coils (end coils or inter-pass coils) withactivitiesoraspartoftheinstallationofFieldJoint generatorsCoating systems.Tailored solutions for combined, pre-heat-and-coatOnshorepipelinestodayinvolvespecialistpipe machines (RAPTOR)configurations and pre-heat can often form a critical part Benefits of Induction Heatof the pipeline construction.Traditional gas flame and resistance heating systems canNo gases used (HSE)be slow, with a wide temperature variance through theEliminate need for storage of gas bottles, at sitecircumference of the field joint area.Speedoptimum cycle times Controlled heat profiles The use of Induction coils provides uniform, controlledAccurate, uniform heating over a controlled bandheat. Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH) is a specialist provider widthreduced risk of damage to factory appliedof Induction Coils, powered by compatible generators coatingand inverters.No contamination to the pipe substratePipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 91'