b'Surface PreparationBlasting ServicesPipeline Induction Heat (PIH) provides Field Joint PIHhasanextensivefleetofblastingequipment,ofCoating services to the ONSHORE and OFFSHORE varying design and capacity to suit a range of pipelinepipeline construction industry. parameters and daily production requirements (joints perPrior to any coating application, surface preparation is day or joints per shift). required.PIHofferarangeofservicesolutionsfor Therangeofabrasiveblastcleaningequipmentandcarrying out surface preparation to field weld areas. services include:AbrasiveblastcleaningiscriticaltotheintegrityandOpen blaststandard and high efficiency blastperformance of the applied field joint coating system. The equipmentprocess ensures the steel substrate is prepared to theSemi-automatic, closed-cycle vacuum blastrequiredstandardofcleanlinesswhilstprovidingan equipmentanchor profile for coating adhesion.Fully automatic, closed cycle vacuum blast equipmentPipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 93'