b'Application of Powder Applied Field Joint Coatings Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH) provides Field Joint PIH offer services for the efficient application of powderCoating services to the ONSHORE and OFFSHORE applied coatings, such as Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE),pipeline construction industry. to welded field joints for onshore pipelines.PIH has developed a range of service solutions for the EquipmentandprocessesincludemanualandSemi-efficient application of powder applied coatings, to the automated powder application equipment.weldedfieldjointarea,supportedbymanyyearsof Key Featuresexperience. Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coatings are applied toControlled thicknessthe welded joint area as a stand-alone coating system forEfficient, controlled induction pre-heat processesFusion Bonded Epoxy coated pipelines or as a primerEfficient application process for large diameterlayer as part of multi-layer, polyolefin field joint coating pipelinessystems for multi-layer, polyolefin coated pipelines.Reduced waste and hazard to the environmentPipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 95'