CRC-Evans Double Jointing Services

IPLC DJ System

Designed specifically for use with Double Jointers, these feature front actuators with copper backup shoes attached to the front actuators to prevent burn-through. Air is supplied from the double jointer's air compressor. Electric control signals are received from the double jointer spacer control console.

IPLC-DJs are adjustable for any wall thickness or size within the specified range of Pipe 16" to 60" (406mm to 1524mm). Independently operated pneumatic heads allow the line-up of pipes with different wall thicknesses.

Double Jointing Equipment

The primary function of the Double Jointer System is to reduce in-the-field production time by having joints pre-welded before they arrive in the field. In a coordinated yard environment, pipe pairs can be joined into one unit at a much higher rate of speed than in the field. Exactly how much time is saved depends on the crew proficiency. Before pipe is moved into the Line-Up Station, their ends are prepared for welding. ID station welds the ID of the pipe. After the pipe pairs are joined, the double joint is moved onward to the Fill Stations.

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