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Bending Sets & Dies

CRC-Evans® Bending Sets and Dies are available bare or with linings to accommodate all current commercial coatings that will withstand bending.

CRC-Evans will manufacture, at the customer's request, special bending sets to accommodate special conditions and non-standard pipe or coating. Sets consist of Stiff Back Liner(s), Pin-Up Liner, and Pin-Up Clamp Liners.

Bending dies allow the bending machine to work with specific pipe sizes over a wide range of diameters. They are sold separately and available bare or polyurethane-lined to accommodate coated pipes.

TruBend™ Angle Measurement

It provides a continuous readout of the achieved bend angle during bending operations. Bending machine operators can easily and continually monitor the bending process for all pipe sizes with accuracy to 0.1 degree. Time is saved, safety is increased, and quality of the bend is assured.

TruBend eliminates climbing on the pipe. The bending operator monitors each push without leaving his station, thus saving the time normally required for manual measurement and calculation.


The working range of the compressors is 200-225 psi (13.6-15.3 atm). This assures that the CRC-Evans working equipment has an adequate compressed air supply with a minimum range of 180-200 psi (12.2-13.6 atm).

Each compressor is equipped with a specified power unit:

Demag Demagnetizing Equipment

Demag's Demagnetizing Bundle weighs 64 pounds, operates off of 100V to 250V, and includes the following:

  • Power controller
  • 100 ft. demagnetizing cable
  • Gaussmeter with probe and zero gauss chamber
  • Transit case with wheels
  • Circuit-protected 30-amp inline GFCI circuit breaker for safety
  • The Demag Demagnetizing Bundle can help you get back on schedule, reduce welding delays, and increase job performance.


The External Welding Machine clamps onto the band and travels around pipe on the band as it makes the weld. They are usually manufactured from 5"-wide spring steel rolled to a diameter 1" greater than the OD of the pipe and then spaced about 5/8" off the OD of the pipe.


The shack typically is a lightweight metal frame covered with thin sheet metal. A shack will have a special floor designed to pivot up to allow the shack to be lowered onto the pipe and then pivot back down to allow easy access to the pipe. Shacks provide the welder lighting and protection from the elements.

Supplies and Support

Pipe handling, beveling, line-up clamps, and the full range of testing equipment. We also carry every conceivable type of support equipment—tools, welding supplies, tents, safety equipment, protective clothing, and much more.

And finally, we make it easy to get what you need fast, typically processing your order by phone, fax, or email and shipping it on the same day.

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